I Am Still committed…………

Hi i would like to introduce a young and dynamic friends who studied in my college,he is awesome guy and had lot of talents,especially he has a good communication skill,he could rather explain his story or narrate a novel,as long as he could,i wish to bring him up,by publishing his novel through my website and […]

A true love story..

Hi to all my readers,i’m glad to see you again here,i wish to narrate a wonderfull teenage lovestory which happened in a realistic life for every common normal persons life.I thank you and all my family and friends to give a enthu to narrate this . It was a sping season in 2005 every who […]

Google Apps for Free

Google Apps limits free business accounts, introduces $5 monthly plans Pricing Flexible Plan Annual Plan Contract None 1 year Cost $5 / user account / month $50 / user account / year Save $10 / user account / year Payment frequency monthly monthly User maximum unlimited unlimited See prices in available currencies. http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/business/features.html

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