A true love story..

Hi to all my readers,i’m glad to see you again here,i wish to narrate a wonderfull teenage lovestory which happened in a realistic life for every common normal persons life.I thank you and all my family and friends to give a enthu to narrate this .

It was a sping season in 2005 every who complete their twelfth class will have lot of drems about their future and trying to join in engineering colleges snd medical,here is a girl named as amie,she is very charming and beautiful eye with brownish eye long brown hair.

Amie was very beautiful and young,energetic in her way,she missed her best friends whomever studied with her,still she joined in a small college with lot of dreams, her first day started. . ..she was wondering for every happenings in her life, Amie was a queen of college now,every body use to price her and her best friend every know to everybody is also her beloved one and her name is Teja. Were ever she goes Amie and Teja use to go,all of them were wondering because these pair is really marvellous,Teja is very talkactive and Amie is silent in nature and smiles at everybody .

One day Teja and Amie went to cafeteria and they got cought by final year superseniors,everybody called to ask for introduction to Teja,Amie was quite and smiling ,everybody was asking introduction to both of them,among those group one of the boy was quite and smiling,so this Amie asked him what is your name? the gemini boy replied come here and what is your name? the brownish eye girl replied ,her name is Amie.
gemini boy asked were are you calling from? amie replied she is from karur and she staying in her aunt house.she said that im moving to class,the other boys from that gang was smiling at him.

Amie and Teja went to class and it was the afternoon first hour class,mechanical staff was asking for delay,Teja was giving reason that seniors ragged them,both went to class and studied,both the girls were very charming and good in their studies.

everybody from the calssroom and other departments were very much greedy to see their unity and girls are very happy in enjoying days with lot of humour sense,after a week goes same gange in cafeteria they became close to Teja and Amie was also got popular,gemini boy was surprised to see Amie.”Amie also felt a kind of change in herself”gemini boy told hi,i forgot your name…Amie replied hello my name is Amie and your name,gemini boy showed his note,amie replied that his handwriting was good,gemini boy smiled and told bye to Amie that he is moving to home.Amie asked, are you buncking?gemini replied no,we dont have class,its final year.

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