I Am Still committed…………

Hi i would like to introduce a young and dynamic friends who studied in my college,he is awesome guy and had lot of talents,especially he has a good communication skill,he could rather explain his story or narrate a novel,as long as he could,i wish to bring him up,by publishing his novel through my website and his good name is Mr.Soumitro Chatterjee ,i would be happy if people can read it from my website.

Here are the details you were looking for

Book name : I Am Still Committed..
as hopes are yet to die

Author details with Backgroud: About Soumitro:-

Soumitro Chatterjee, youngest among three children of Mr. Prabir Kumar Chatterjee (Bank Manager) & Mrs. Sumita Chatterjee (School Teacher) was born at Central Hospital, Dhanbad. From his childhood he was very pro-active in various activities due to the reason that that his father used to be associated with various social activities. When Soumitro was in Class 7, he was selected by State of Bihar (Jharkhand not formed) to represent in All India National Children Science Congress Contest. After 12th he moved to purse his engineering in Electronics & Communication Dept in 2005 from Chennai. Though he completed his degree during the time of recession, but he was lucky enough to get placed in IT-MNC. But destiny has something else written in his fate. With the memories of college life & hope for joining day, he has to come back Dhanbad and then he started waiting desperately for his joining. It took 1 year, meanwhile he joined a small educational institute as a Faculty where he discovered his potential of connecting people.

Currently Soumitro is staying in Delhi along with his elder brother & sister and working as a Software Engineer in IT MNC Company. He is also a ground level volunteer in an Ngo which caters education for slum area kids in Noida. As per the proverb “One who is busy can only manage time” same applies for soumitro when he spends 5 days in his company while his weekends for meant for imparting education to those slum kids. He is interested in exploring new places, listening music, and interacting with peoples.

Link for Soumitro’s Contact :- Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Soumitro28
NGO Activity & Soumitro’s involvement (blog) – http://aidnoida.blogspot.in/2012/02/when-we-celebrated-26th-january-with.html
Previous work :- It’s Debut book of Author
Book content –
I Am Still Committed..
as hopes are yet to die.

Debut novel of Soumitro Chatterjee is getting published by India’s one of the biggest publisher Srishti Publication, New Delhi. As he feels his college life was the best moments of his life, those memories were chasing him, sometimes they were the reason of his happiness and sometimes it causes him pain. He really wanted to share & speak out. But some circumstances made him to keep his things aside. But as proverb you can’t stop stream of water, same happened with Soumitro’s memories which compelled him to pick a pen and his diary. Started writing around end of 2010, he started penning down his life in his personal diary. Later he realized to convert his memories into a form of novel and started searching for publisher. During his entire life-time before getting into writing he has read only one book and that was from Srishti Publication which made him to decide to go ahead with Srishti Publication only. Got few offer from other publication but he decided to wait for more than 1 year to convert those pages of diary into a full-fledge novel from his first love publication Srishti. This novel is going to be available across India soon after release during the month of June. But it will be available in pre-order through Flipkart from May-mid.

Certainly this novel revolves around the life of Author and he says any one who had been to college ever, or who will be going to near future can find himself/herself in his book.

Finally Author says “Life is not define by what you lose rather what you gain by losing something”

For record – author email id :[email protected]

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  • Chatterjee Soumitro87

    Thanks a lot Ajitha for this sweet gesture and giving me a place in your blog. Indeed I don’t know how far will be the destiny for my debut novel but certainly this is my first appearance in any blog .


  • Ravi Ranjan

    Congrats buddy… I am happy for you.. cheers 🙂

  • kumar harsh

    Nice to read about soumitro….though those days are not far when we will be in queue for soumitro’s autograph…all the best soumitro. weldone ajitha..