Indian cuisine is distinguished from the rest of the world, not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of cultures and eras. Like the Indian culture food in India by various civilizations that have contributed their share is characterized in general development and current form. Foods of India are best known for its spices. All over India, be it North Indian or South India, spices ar


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SILKY HAIR, A SPARK to a parasite from an egg, 100grm curd, juice of 1 lemon and olive spoon oil.apply the 2 boards in the hair, he leaves for 60min.wash with games uu ‘shampoo, the lt and very shining intensely; silky hair ….. it twice in a week.

Google Apps becomes Chromebook sales channel

Google faces plenty of skeptics when it comes to Chrome OS, the browser-based operating system it hopes will catalyze a Web app future. But when it comes to selling the vision, the company also has a group of potentially influential allies that already have a foot in the door: partners making a business selling the Google Apps suite. Google Apps is the suite of Gmail, calendar, word processor, spreadsheet, and

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